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24,25th Feb 2017 2017 Midwinder meeting in Chicago US

We enjoyed the midwinter meeting which are dental show and lab day in Chicago where was very cold day. there were many machines. however I felt even there are the 3D printers.
kendentalx in Chicago
6th Oct 2016 KENLINE seminner start up for doctor.
It notice is KENLINE digital orthodontic system in Japan.
Doctor will get a master certificate so it can use the KENLINE.

KENLINE saminar

13th August 2016 It was held Myanmar CADCAM seminar in Myanmar with CEO Matsuura.
It’s important to need the CADCAM system from now on. He presented them with new CADCAM information. This downtown will be change so fast and there are already as high quality as Japan at shops in Yangon. Young person almost have cell phone. From now on this country will be more better.

KENDENTALX and SmileBankKEN-DENTLA and SmileBank in Myanmar.
1th April 2016 Rookie welcome party at Yakata boat
Also enjoyed, including veteran along with the new rookie’s. It’ll impetus talked because various ages of the culture is mixed.
Kenji MatuuraThe location is under the cherry Blossoms on Sumidagawa in Tokyo.
16th Mar 2016 MID-G the General Assembly
This Mid-G group is very fast to up to put new information.If you want to get it which more good dental information in Japan. you should find out the Mid-G. you can do it.
16th Feb 2016 CAD / CAM and lab Business Administration ※ Japan Dental Newspaper
A variety of know-how in the dental laboratory industry presentation our representative Kenji Matsuura While digitization progresses※ at the details, Nippon Dental newspaper
Kenji MatuuraNumber 1914.)
3th Dec 2015 Japan Academy of Aligner Orthodontics 2016
Digital orthodontic correction KenLine also will participate in the same way last year. This study group is a study group of teachers also many very futuristic of GP. (It was join about 200 people last year.)
17th Oct 2015 An office trip.
Our staff enjoyed dinner and the night scene with everyone.Elevator is also fast in the Tokyo sky tree where very large building. it was observatory which is too high it looks very excellent.
ken-dentalxThe location is in Tokyo.
8th Oct 2015 KENLINE seminer 2nd digital aligner
Place in Ken-dentalx
Lecture Dr. Ahn girwoo. Gest Dr. Kenji Ojima
The possibility of the world of the aligner system and Ken line IPR and attachment hands-on by both teacher
KenlineAnd VirtualLIne.
26th July 2015 AO Charter Chapter Meeting Japan 2015 in Japan
The Science of Implants and Associated Biology
We displayed our products in that exhibit.
29th Mar 2015 Digital communication2015
Mar 3-29, 2015 Akihabara UDX4F
Lecture Free
A president Matsuura Kenji
The dental medical treatment CAD/CAM changes
Kenji Matuura1970th number of Japan dental newspaper carrying February 24, 2015
29th Jan 2015 Kenline seminar
The full digital mouthpiece type correction equipment
The 1st time
Lecturing Giruahn teacher [Kenline authorization lecturer].
A case of Ken line.
A lecture Mr. Kenji Ojima.
About aligner correction in general.
Ken linear lecture
4th December 2014 Japan aligner orthodontic Study Group first round
For transparent orthodontic appliance and Ken line of the world
Lecture Anji Yu teacherLecture Giru ahn teacher
kenline certified instructor
Anne liner lecture
We gave a simplified explanation from Kendentakx
Anne liner lecture
December 2014 Dental separate
First lab management BOOK
There is described on page 10 in Kendentalx
First lab management BOOK
September 13th, the 14th, 2014 The 44th time corporation Japanese Society of Oral Implantology art and science meeting of public interests
Representative Kenji Matsuura lecture
「”The current state of the CAD in implanting treatment/CAM digital dental craft and view”
Academic meeting booth exhibition
Dental technician union<br />
24th June 2014 Japanese dental technician union organ
40th number
Dental mechanic’s office inspection visit by a congressman company
Dental technician union
27th March 2014 Hybrid resin corresponding to insurance
Crown of a tooth prosthesis by a hybrid resin using a CAD/CAM system for dentistry
Hybrid resin
Following link can be checked by number 46 of number.
(Classification is detailed in forward medical A: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)
23th February 2014 The presentation by which MID− is G general meeting: dental management is supplied to Taki, and information sending and this plenary meeting the whole country branch has also started from this year are the general meeting which can sense the spread of the better shape, aren’t they?
The way where interest is in dental management?
Corporation MID-G (MIDDOJI)
February the 2、3rd, 2014 Japanese Society of Oral Implantology The 33rd time of branch of the Kanto and Koshinetsu regions
Even the next item is clean and presents KENKURIN once again, Ken.
※Ken clean=, cellular phone cleaner

Information on move design the dental craft professional bill by which the future craft system was contemplated from November 6, 2013 (DENTABIRU) and progress aiming at the further height.
New address (November 6, 2013)
4-1-11, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo DENTABIRU.
October issue carrying in 2013 *Monthly dental craft vol41 no.10*
A general manager of a division Muneo Miyazawa: About information sharing, an examination and a check in a chair side in a sequel and aesthetic appreciation prosthesis treatment- a laboratory side.

September 13, 2013-the 15th *The 43rd time corporation Japanese Society of Oral Implantology art and science meeting of public interests*
Ken and DENTARIKKUSUBUSU were submitted. New item Ken clean appearance
September 8, 2013 *Kanto area dental technician meeting joint association*
The 14th time denture mold sculpture contest incentive award 
The implanting ceramic part
Nozomi Matsuo

September issue carrying in 2013 *Monthly dental craft vol41No.9*
General manager of a division Muneo Miyazawa: About information sharing in the first part and a chair side in aesthetic appreciation prosthesis treatment- a laboratory side, an examination and a check.

May the 30th and 31st, 2013 The 56th time spring Japanese Society of Periodontology art and science meeting
The booth was submitted. T point member store recruitment plan starting

Feb 11-12, 2012 In Japanese Society of Oral Implantology Meeting, Exhibition booth attended.

Feb 11-12, 2012 In Japanese Society of Oral Implantology Meeting, Exhibition booth attended.

Feb 2, 2012 [LEFT] AEEDC Dubai 2012
[RIGHT] President Kenji Matsuura of the KEN.DENTALX Co.,Ltd. and doctor of Abu Dhabi.

Jan 25-28, 2012 32nd Myanmar Dental Conference 13th FDI-MDA Joint Educational Meeting, the President of our company, Kenji Matsuura performed the presentation as an invited speaker.

Jan 20, 2012 Renewal of the homepage was completed.
Dec 15, 2011 [LEFT] Department Manager Muneo Miyazawa of the KEN.DENTALX Co.,Ltd.
[RIGHT] The lecture in Straumann and Bone Level Implant
Oct 30, 2011 Shanghai inspection
Oct 20, 2011 Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Oral Implantology in Nagoya, Exhibition booth attended.