Greetings from the president

I opened The Matsuura dental prosthesis that is a forerunner of Ken Dentalx Co., Ltd. at 23 years old(December, 1980).

At first I ran the laboratory mainly composed with an attachment of ligid support, the denture which used a stabilizing arm and milling work.

Afterwards I incorporated as a company on May, 1990
and changed the company name to Ken Dentalx Co., Ltd.
The foreseeability of the implant rises year by year in those days, too, it was becoming an invariable cure as loss prosthesis.

With the situation, frequency to make a superstructure increased, but Then with the increase of the kind of the implant, various technique came to be required as for the manufacture method screw fixation, the cementation and so on.

Fortunately, I was able to make use of welding technique of milling work and attachment which performed since the opening of business in an implant artisan.

Compared to general manufacture,the manufacture of the implant superstructure is so hard to make it for dental technician.because it is necessary that dental technician have a variety of knowledge and the implant superstructure require high accuracy.

However, we have become evaluated as the dental laboratory which specialized in an implant superstructure by now.

All the employees and I will study an implant artisan in future.
Your continued support will be greatly appreciated.

Kenji Matsuura

Ken Dentalx Co., Ltd.

President Kenji Matsuura

President profile

Born in Tokyo

Dental Professional Training College attached to The Nippon Dental University Graduation at 9 terms (The Nippon Dental University College at Tokyo)

Established Matsuura dental prosthesis (matsuura shika hotetsu) 
Winning Silver prize on International Congress of Dental Tecnology Technical Contest

Established Ken Dentalx Co., Ltd.

Certified instructor of ITI Dental Implant (Switzerland)
Certified instructor of CENDRES & METAUX Attachments (Switzerland)

Certified instructor of CALCITEK implant (USA)

Certified lifetime Training Instructor of Japan Dental Technologists Association (JDTA)

German WIELAND AGC Master Instructor

KaVo CADCAM system Master laboratory

April inaugurated as the teacher of The Nippon Dental University College at Tokyo dental technology course